A systematic series of actions directed to some end


Installation comprising of multi-channel audio piece (11min); a VHF radio scanner provided by the Port of Rotterdam Authority playing live communications directed to incoming and outgoing ships; scrap metal from a ship salvage yard near Rotterdam; cast concrete; and embossing and Letraset on Hahnemühle paper.

A systematic series of actions directed to some end took the form of a sonic and sculptural installation. A large speaker was positioned towards a mound of scrap metals which varied in size, they were: cut, folded, contorted, splayed in form and were sourced from a ship salvage yard. The speaker played field recordings of infrastructural environments to the metal pieces. Two upright speakers on cast concrete stands situated at the centre of the space played a combination of scripted voice and close field recordings. Mounted to the wall as the audience entered the space was a radio scanner which was leant to me by the Port of Rotterdam. During the installation the scanner was switched on and was automatically scanning for communications. These communications are between the Port Authority and ships entering or leaving particular areas. The scanner plays noise when it is searching for communications, occasionally a voice will arise and abrupt this noise. The voices are almost always that of a male. Between the two speakers on stands, a female narrative voice recites a script collating conversations with individuals about processing, trade, mediation and transaction alongside observations and exploratory text.

Photos: Steven Maybury