Witnessing as a method of getting through gateways

      Kunstinstiuut Melly, Rotterdam
Audio visual performance (23:00min) in collaboration with María José Crespo .

Photo: Steven Maybury

Witnessing as a method of getting through gateways was a performance lecture presented by myself and María José Crespo at Kunstinstuut Melly, Rotterdam, July 2022.  This collaboration was the second occasion in which we entangled our separate bodies of research, archive organisation and experiments in applying them to some malleable notions on mediation, territories, borders, body, network, infrastructure, currencies and value. We have adapted this presentation in different iterations as our individual researches have developed. The presentation consists of a film which combines our collected material whilst the two of us read a written script live. The footage includes photographs and video, archival findings, web scrapings, field recordings, transcriptions, autotranslations, legal documents and screen recordings from websites.